Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's cool to have a blog...'s better to update it.

Since the last time I've posted a few things have happened. Actually a lot has happened. I should be a little more frequent with my posts.

I had two weeks off of school (I guess that is actually counter to happening since school was not in session). So to all of you students out there who are thankful for your fall break, just imagine how thankful I was. It was incredibly wonderful to time away from what is currently my biggest mountain to climb: die akademische Welt auf Deutsch. But, now I'm back to it. I am technically an exchange student.  During my free weeks, I was fortunate enough to visit the area around me, Köln, and Bremen. It was really cool to be able to see a big city in German, since I've really only seen smaller places. I never had thought Tulsa was very big, but now that I live in a village of about 8,000, Tulsa seems rather large.

After five different days of not going because of the normal gray and rainy German weather in the fall, I was finally able to summit a wind turbine! Absolutely cool. Though climbing a ladder for 65 meters, strapped into a harness is not my favorite thing, the end result was wonderful. It is quite the view! The scariest part was doing in all with my camera. I did NOT want to drop that thing. It would have had no chance of survival.

I've also been trying out different things with my beard trimmer, and have been sporting a goatee for a while now, but that will all change tomorrow since I'll be participating in "No Shave November."  The end result will be interesting. My hair is also longer, but no ponytail... yet.

Soccer has been really good. Though I've acquired a rather purple and blue nail on my left big toe that might stay longer on me than I will in Germany, I still have enjoyed myself. I've played in two different scrimmages, and will finally be able to officially play with the team this week. It's taken a bit longer than expected to get my card that says I am allowed to play. Other than that, it's practice every Monday and Wednesday.

Since it has been a while since I've last posted (sorry), I guess a big change would be the amount of German I now know. Although it is not a immense change, I have been able to follow along far better than I had been. My community representative for my program said that she was very impressed that I am as far along as I am for having never taken German in America. I am by no means fluent, but I am slowly working  in that direction.

When my mom was in high school, her family host an exchange student from German, and I happen to live about 20 minutes from him. About three weeks ago, he, Christoph, and his wife, Ruth, drove over on a Sunday afternoon for a wonderful visit. The last time I "met" him, I was probably two years old, so this was my first time to really meet Christoph, and not just know who he was. I really enjoyed talking to someone who knew about Tulsa. Hopefully I'll be able to go visit him in Münster soon since he has invited me to stay with him for a weekend. We'll see!

The next post will be in under two weeks. I promise.