Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Few Photos

 An evening in Münster with most of my host family and Christoph Goez,
 the German exchange student of my mom's family in the 1970s, and his wife, Ruth.

The Tannenbaum we set up on the 22nd. 
I dropped a glass ornament while we were decorating the tree,
but it didn't break.
Michael then told me that no one in the history of the Lohaus family had dropped an ornament before while decorating the tree.
A moment later Anja dropped an ornament. Her's broke. 

this part of German doesn't really have any hills were we can go sledding,
but being pulled by a car somewhat simulates the feeling 
of speeding down into the concrete bike trail 
at the intersection of Highway 169 and the Creek Turnpike. 
Especially the concrete part.

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  1. Oh Robert, I love your humor.
    Especially the concrete part.